Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back in the saddle!

Woah. Last post, 3/2. Today, it is 3/30! That is what can happen to side projects.

My day gig has kept me pretty busy as of late, so that's part of it. The big news was my involvement with Bioshock Infinite (as a level designer working for Human Head, who helped them with development) was finally made public with the release of the game last Tuesday. What an experience that was, being involved in one of the highest rated games in the past year (including 2012) and what currently stands as one of the most acclaimed shooters of all time!

But back to the music! So I had started working on something that was supposed to sound a bit like a Streets of Rage track, but it wasn't working out. So I shelved that (I'll still use it, but as something else) and restarted with another attempt that is so far more on the money. Once I get those tracks done, I'll have 5 total, which puts me roughly at 50% (or higher, if I do an album that is less than ten tracks, but I don't like to do that).

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Composition Live Blog 3/2

Ok, time to live blog more composition. Right now Pitch to Pixel 2 stands at 2 1/2 songs complete out of the 10 tunes I need.

9:00 am-ish. Got briefly woken up by my daughter proudly announcing that she "slept in her bed all night." She's five years old. Facepalm.

12:00 noon At some point I woke up "for reals," cleaned up, shaved (yes, you need to KNOW these details!) and here I am, tea in hand (alas, no more pumpkin spice dunkin' donuts coffee, ugh), ready to make music.

12:00 - 3:45 - After numerous interruptions to "GIVE ME ATTENTION!" (daughter), I managed to complete "Lightning Force," a piece based on the Thunder Force shooter series... but it is missing something. I think I may want to add (dun dun duuuuun) real guitar playing on it. Yeah, I know, that is certainly not "chip," but I wanted to mix in a little of my playing, in a few spots. But....... I only have one guitar cord, my second one is fried, so I gotta run to the store to grab one (I need two cords to make my setup work). 

3:45-5:58  Lightning Force in the can! Ugh, I can't be spending this much time on each tune or else this album isn't getting done, but man I had a lot of fun laying down a *real* guitar solo on this one. This one is the most "hybrid" track I'll probably feature, with Genesis style rhythm guitar and bass, realistic sampled drums, and real guitar.

The Oddball Awesomeness That is Dragon's Dogma's Theme Song

If you purchased Dragon's Dogma (which you should have, it was one of my favorite games of 2012), you fired up the game, expecting probably some nice orchestral classical sounding soundtrack music, but instead got your butt absolutely handed to you by screeching guitar, upbeat vocals, and pounding drums.

Gamer, meet "Into Free," the Dragon's Dogma theme song, a licensed track from Japanese power duo "B'z." Here it is: