Saturday, July 31, 2010

Zing! Another Sale!

Ok, more encouragement as Pitch to Pixel finally, at long last, enters the BLACK after one more sale (an iTunes album purchase). Thank you whoever it was, who bought the album last month or so!

The thing about sales is that it says, "make more music." It works like this:

1. I slowly, eventually get into the black, averaging just about 1-2 sales per month.

= "I'll eventually get around to making more music. Probably before the end of 2010, maybe."

2. I see about $25 per month of sales (about 3 or 4 albums or so per month)

= "Hmm, I need to actually plug my keyboard in and start writing a song, like, very soon."

3. I get about $75 worth of sales in a month (about ten albums)

= "I drop everything, this is my top priority, making more music for all these nice wonderful people"

4. > $100 in sales in a month


So, um, yeah, that's how it works. :-)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sale! Sale! w00t w00t

Someone from the Land of Pork Scratchings bought my album today, from Amazon's UK site. Thanks mate!

The nice thing is, after that sale, the next dollar that I make from this *will actually be profit*. w00t! Return on investment for the win!

Unfortunately the time isn't quite right for me to dive headlong back into musical work (but I don't want 2010 to leave us without something more from me, so stay tuned), but these kind of impulse sales, that is, sales from people who are interested in the genre and just kind of "found" my stuff, are encouraging. This was always a long term project, and it gives me hope that I can build a fanbase over time.

Now buy that Paragon album, so I can pay my bandmates!